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Clips don't fit into middle shelf

The holes on the middle shelf were cut too small and there are scratches on several pieces of the wet bench. Also the protective film on only the motherboard tray is almost impossible to take off. I've already spent a good hour trying to remove it all and am barely 1/2 done. Not very happy at the moment. There's also this strange honeycomb pattern that had been pressed into most of the base. It was hard to get a good picture of this.
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This is absolutely ridiculous, I received my wet bench, and I am having the exact same problem. Not to mention it came with a giant crack in the HD tray. Absolutely nothing fits, the HD tray doesnt fit into the vertical side panels, the rad holder fits fine on one side but not on the other.  The tiny clips are useless, and covered in the brown film that needs to be removed. NONE OF THEM EVEN FIT in the holes that they are supposed to go in.  Basically, NOTHING, slotted in properly.  I had to power file the hd tray tabs to fit in the holes on the vertical sides just to begin assembly.  I have many, many pics of this assembly.  No where on any website did it say that this is a DIY project.  The assembly video on youtube makes it look so easy, nothing about my assembly even resembles that.  The trays were too thick, holes were too small, things broke being slid in carefully.  None of the tiny tabs fit in the holes.  This is horrendous, I clearly have a defect product, and not to mention a giant crack in the HD tray (came cracked). NOT HAPPY! On top of everything, wont reply to my emails, and shipping to Canada cost me an extra $70 at the door because of a UPS "importer" scam. They send the wet bench to an 'importer' who charges a $50 fee for doing nothing, not duty, not tax, just fee.  This is the icing on the cake compared to buying a case that cant be assembled without using a power file!

I apologize if I come off crass. I was looking forward to this build, now I wish I had just bought a case. I hope either primochill or responds to any of my emails.  My build was supposed to be a feature on a highly visited forum and now its ruined.  I don't want to spread a bad review without the manufacturer having a chance to atone for this defective product (Its really hard to have defective machine cut acrylic.)

 I  hope for a reply! Thanks!
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