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Scratched Clear Rigid Tubing

Hi... I just received my shipment of Clear acrylic tubing from my retailer which was 6 x 3 foot = 18' and 3 sets of 4 x 2 foot = 24' and I have an issue with them. They all came in the Cardboard tube as shown in this video but they were NOT packaged as you showed them in the 7:15 mark in this video where each tube was individually wrapped with it's own plastic sleeve. All of my tubing was 2 per plastic sleeve so they all rubbed and banged on each other and in turn now I have a bunch of scratched tubing to work with. Not very pleased and wanted to let you know in case you were not aware of this situation. Since this is my first time bending acrylic I will go ahead and use this lot for practice but will not be ordering anymore if this is the way it is shipped to your customers. Don't mean to sound pissy but I am disappointed.

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