How do I fully prepare a system for Vue?

We actually have a full video covering the topic here:

A quick, written summary:
You’ll want to pick up one of our full New or Existing System Cleaning Kits to go with it. These contain:
Rad Clean, an acidic radiator cleaner that won’t leave copper acetate behind like Vinegar.
SysPrep or Reboot, loop cleaners that are geared towards new or existing loops and help neutralize remnant acidity in the radiators after flushing Rad Clean out.
PrimoPrep, a chemical treatment for specific metals in your loop that are more prone to reacting with the environment and creating chemical impurities.

At the same time you are cleaning your radiators with rad clean per the instructions, you'll want to go ahead and clean your other loop hardware with System Soap (an acceptable substitute is Dawn dish soap) and a clean soft bristle brush, rinsing with distilled water afterward. Thoroughly flush the radiator with distilled water after cleaning. Acid is not the friend of nickel plating, you will want to clear as much as possible before leaning on SysPrep/Reboot to neutralize the remnants. These steps ensure that the radiator is free of debris and chemical impurities, and that your other parts are free of manufacturing residues and oils. Once the SysPrep or Reboot is done, drain them out and move on to PrimoPrep. PrimoPrep should run for a minimum of 72 hours, but the system can be used during this time. The heat load can actually help it do its job better.
Once that’s finished, flush out the PrimoPrep and get as much water out of the system as you can prior to filling so as to not dilute Vue. In the filling process, take care to minimize the air in the system as quickly as possible. Remember to tilt your computer around to free trapped air bubbles and fill your reservoir completely. Air pockets and contamination will be your biggest enemies to coolant longevity. During fill, you should keep pump speed to a minimum to avoid shooting air bubbles through the fluid constantly. With PWM pumps, this can be managed with a manual PWM controller like Noctua’s NA-FC1.

Sep 17, 2021

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