Products and Stock

  • Are D5 pumps compatible with the distro plates?

    Bykski distro plates are designed for a specific pump. Those that are shown with a D5 style pump will only work with a D5. Those that are shown with a DDC will only be able to use a DDC.
  • Are your coolants good for aluminum or mixed metals?

    No. Our coolants are not designed for use with metals other than copper, nickel, stainless steel, and brass. Use of other metals in the coolant path like Aluminum or Zinc will void the warranty, as severe galvanic corrosion will occur.
  • Can I add dye to Opaque?

    Yes, but caution should be taken to avoid over-saturating the mix. Because dyes have their own chemical properties, we must also note that we can’t necessarily issue replacements for coolant issues caused by custom-mixing. It’s to be done at your own risk.
  • Can I add dye to Vue?

    We don’t recommend it. Vue is an advanced and complex coolant, and adding dyes (including our own) can upset certain balances. For this reason, we offer a wide range of colors with controlled concentrations that we know hold up well. This isn’t to say you cannot do it or that it will never work o...
  • Can I change the size of my CTR?

    Yes, we have various sizes of tubes available on our webstore under CTR Parts -> Replacement tubes.
  • Can I get a copy of the MSDS for (cleaner)?

    Yes, simply email support with your request for an MSDS specifying which cleaner you’re needing to know about and we’ll send it to you.
  • Can I get a copy of the MSDS for (coolant)?

    Yes, simply email support with your request for an MSDS specifying which coolant type you’re needing to know about and we’ll send it to you.
  • Can I use soft tubing with RevolverSX fittings?

    Unlike other rigid tubing fittings, yes! We carry adapters that allow RSX fittings to be used with ⅜” ID, ½” OD soft tubing. We can only guarantee compatibility with our Advanced LRT tubing, however, as softer tubing materials may not allow enough grip or rigidity for the necessary compression fo...
  • Can you make a custom distro plate for me?

    Neither we nor Bykski make custom distro plates. Bykski does make pre-fabricated models for many cases on the market, which are made affordable through scale.
  • Does a distro plate replace a tube reservoir?

    Yes, although it is possible to use both in a system.
  • Do I have to pay for customs duties and taxes?

    Yes you do.
  • Do I need to run PrimoPrep for three whole days?

    Yes. The work that PrimoPrep does is not so much cleaning as it is a chemical reaction, which takes time to work. Worry not, however, as you can use the system while it runs and the heat produced can help it do a better job.
  • Do you carry Acrylic tubing?

    At time of writing (September 17th, 2021), we do not, but we plan to quite soon.
  • Do you have replacement LED strips?

    Yes, we carry a variety of replacement LED strips for Bykski products. Rigid and flexible, 12v or 5v, we have them.
  • Do you have your own fans?

    Not yet, but we have plans to in the future.
  • How do I cut glass tubing?

    There are multiple methods, with the most common being to score around the glass and then snap where it’s been scored. The break should follow the scoring, but you will want to be careful and hold it inside something like a towel or rag to protect you from any fragments or glass dust. If you don’...
  • How do I fully prepare a system for Vue?

    We actually have a full video covering the topic here: A quick, written summary: You’ll want to pick up one of our full New or Existing System Cleaning Kits to go with it. These contain: Rad Clean, an acidic radiator cleaner that won’t leave copper ace...
  • How do I mount a CTR?

    This will vary depending on the specific model you have. The CTR Phase II Hard Mount models feature two M4 threads 1.5” apart on the end caps that can be mounted directly to holes in a case wall or other panel. They can also be used attached to one of the many models of mounting brackets we carry...
  • How do I work with copper tubing?

    There are two types of copper tubing, soft and rigid. Both can be cut by the same style of tube cutter. Rigid copper isn’t particularly practical to bend, and will require many angled fittings to hook up. Soft copper, on the other hand, can be worked with hand tools. Typically coming in coils, yo...
  • How long is the distance from the base of a rotary elbow to the center of the port?

    You can use the overall length of the fitting minus the thread length shown in the gallery's dimension drawing minus 9 millimeters to find the center of the outlet port. For example, an FA90E35 fitting would be about 44.6mm.
  • How long is the warranty period?

    All solid Primochill products carry a universal 1 year warranty. Fluids are warrantied for their stated service life.
  • How often should I change Liquid Utopia?

    The expected service life of Liquid Utopia is 6 months. It is a lean concentration, intended to make a coolant that is as much pure water as possible while still protecting against corrosion and growth. While it can work fine longer than this, it doesn't cost much to replace and staying proactive...
  • I’m using thicker or thinner fans, what size screw should I use?

    Take the thickness of your fan and add 3-5 millimeters. 25mm fans use 30mm screws, 15mm fans use 20mm screws, and Phanteks’ new 30mm fans use 35mm screws. With 37mm fans, 40mm screws may work, but if they prove too short, you can go up to 45mm if you add washers to make up the extra 2-3 millimete...
  • Is (coolant) incompatible with Corsair products?

    There is no actual evidence to suggest that any of our coolants are in any way incompatible with Corsair’s HydroX open loop hardware, which at time of writing largely consists of rebranded Bitspower and HardwareLabs products. Corsair’s list of compatible and incompatible coolants has multiple inc...
  • Is (graphics card) compatible with (GPU block)?

    While we do try to keep our GPU block compatibility lists up to date, they are not always an exhaustive list of what does and does not fit. Oftentimes in the low and medium end product segments, new cards are released that use the same circuit board as an older one. Conversely, sometimes old card...
  • Is (Primochill coolant) toxic?

    No. None of them are toxic, although Rad Clean is a relatively strong acid. Care should still be taken not to ingest that. We also don't recommend drinking the coolants in general, Brian says don't taste particularly good.
  • My CTR won’t hold during an air pressure test?

    The CTR series of reservoirs are a unique item that is advised to be used with a Pressure Check Valve for maximum safety. While not mandatory, it's still a good idea. The modularity of the CTR does involve a trade-off in that it’s not meant to hold as much pressure as a typical traditional reserv...
  • What are the pros and cons of acrylic vs petg vs. glass?

    The distinct advantages of PETG are that it’s much easier to work with for both beginners and experienced users looking to do unconventional bends and less expensive than Acrylic while maintaining relatively high clarity. Once the system is filled, many cannot tell the difference between them unl...
  • What is B-stock?

    B-stock products are those that have all the functionality of a normal product but do not meet our cosmetic quality standards.
  • What is the difference between SysPrep and PrimoPrep, and do I need to use both?

    SysPrep is a flushing agent for helping clear minor debris from the system and take care of some light pH neutralization work. PrimoPrep is a chemical treatment for specific metals in the loop to make them less prone to reacting with the environment, which causes pH shift down the line, along wit...
  • What size of thermal pad do Bykski GPU blocks use?

    Blocks for generations prior to NVIDIA’s RTX 3000 series and AMD’s RX 6000 series use 1.2mm thermal pads, which we carry OEM replacements for. Blocks for NVIDIA’s RTX 3000 series and AMD’s RX 6000 series use 1.8mm pads, which we also carry OEM replacements for.
  • What size thermal pads do I need?

    It’s generally advised to stick with the same thickness of thermal pad your heatsink was designed for, but it is worth noting that different models of thermal pads vary in how much squish they have to them. A squishier 1.8mm stock pad could work with a 1.5mm stiffer pad replacement, for example, ...
  • What’s the difference between Ice and Pure?

    Ice is low electrical conductivity fluid with a longer expected lifetime than Pure due to the higher concentration of inhibitors. Pure keeps the inhibitors to a minimum, increasing coolant performance because just about anything that isn’t water will reduce performance to some degree. Ice is a gr...
  • What type of switch do I need?

    PC power and reset buttons use Momentary switches for operation. These switches close the circuit only for a moment when pressed, hence the name. Latching switches are for circuits where a circuit needs to be closed and stay closed.
  • When will (item) be back in stock?

    Estimates on items returning to stock are best asked directly to Support, as some items may be on End of Life status, some may be delayed, and others may be only a few days wait. Other than these three scenarios, however, we may only be able to offer a rough estimate rather than a specific ETA.
  • Which version of the Wetbench should I buy?

    That will depend on what specific purposes you are wanting a bench for.     If you’ll be running air cooled or a very basic custom loop, the Basic versions of the WetbenchSX or the original Wetbench would be a solid choice. The Basic WetbenchSX is intended for use with a single 240 or 280mm radia...
  • Who is Bykski.US?

    Bykski.US is the official US import partner of Bykski, and is a separate company from Bykski. It operates out of the same warehouse as Primochill, meaning that the stock in Bykski.US and Primochill are the same for Bykski products. As Bykski.US is a separate company from Bykski, Bykski.US does no...