Technical Support

  • Can I use my RFB with copper or brass tubing?

    Yes, though it will dull the bit faster.
  • Can Rad Clean be cycled through the loop?

    No. Rad Clean is a relatively strong acid, and should not be cycled through the loop. It is meant for use only with radiators, and we advise using plastic plugs (2 included in the rad clean kit) when using it so as to not damage the finish of your metal stop fittings.
  • CTR D5 Pump making noise

    The CTR II reservoirs have a unique approach to securing the pump, using a single large compression ring to hold it in place. There is a sweet spot for ring tightness, too tight and there will be noise from the pump's impeller. Too loose, and it can leak a bit. If you're experiencing noise from t...
  • Do I have to pay for customs duties and taxes?

    Yes you do.
  • How do I check my system or parts for leaks?

    There are multiple ways to do this. The traditional method is with a 24 hour leak test, filling the system with paper towels after a last go-over of the system to ensure all the fittings are tight and all the spare ports are plugged, valves closed, etc.. Power only the pump by placing a jumper on...
  • How do I control the RGB LEDs on my Bykski product?

    Bykski aRGB and RGB products have two main methods of control. Adapters can be used to control aRGB (RBW) via the motherboard 5v aRGB header, in which case the motherboard vendor’s software (or in-BIOS utility) is used to control them. The various splitters available can also work this way. The o...
  • How do I submit an RMA replacement request?

    Email support with details and photos if possible of the issue you’re experiencing with your product, as well as the order number of the purchase it came from. We may have further questions or offer troubleshooting advice prior to issuing a replacement, but we will make sure we get you the proper...
  • How should I set up a drain in my system?

    There are three main ways to set up a convenient drain, which you’ll generally want at or as near the bottom of your loops as possible. If your reservoir has multiple inlet ports and a spare one at the bottom, oftentimes you can set up a drain there by threading a drain valve directly into it. If...
  • I bought (Bykski product[s]) from AliExpress, FormulaMod, eBay, Amazon, etc. Can you help me with it?

    As we are not the manufacturer of Bykski products, we only provide support for products purchased from us or our partnered distributors here in the United States. For items purchased elsewhere, you will need to reach out to the vendor you purchased the products from for assistance.
  • Is PrimoPrep safe to use for more than 3 days?

    Yes, but it should be kept to 7 days or less. The system can be used while it runs.
  • Is Rad Clean safe to use for more than 1 hour?

    Yes, though it’s not recommended to let it sit for more than a day.
  • Is Reboot / SysPrep safe to use for more than 24 hours?

    They’re fine to run for several days if need be. Reboot in particular can benefit from longer run times and the system actually being used while it runs. Sysprep should be flushed at your earliest convenience after the 24 hours are up.
  • My radiator has some fins that aren’t totally straight, is that ok?

    Yes. While damaged or misshapen fins aren’t necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing, a few here and there will have an immeasurably small impact on performance. Individual fins losing a portion of their efficiency in an array of hundreds to thousands of fins won’t end up noticeable. They can ...
  • My rotary fitting is leaking, what do I do?

    Oftentimes a leaky rotary is due to one of two things. A rotary’s inner o-ring could be slightly out of place, in which case pressing in on the rotary joint and rotating back and forth for a while can ease the o-ring into the proper position and seal up correctly. It can also be caused by over-pr...
  • Should I use a waterblock on my NVME SSD?

    There are only a few situations where an NVME SSD block is of real benefit, and this is primarily in drives where the controller has been factory overclocked to such a point that it will thermal throttle without stronger cooling than a small heatsink or heat spreading sticker. This is more common...
  • What are the in and out ports of the CTR Phase II D5 Enabled reservoirs?

    The CTR Phase II D5 body has only one outlet, which is on the left side when looking at the curved face. Every other port on the reservoir is an optional inlet. The lower right port is slightly lower in flow efficiency than the top inlets.
  • What are the in and out ports of this GPU block?

    GPU blocks generally have four ports. Two optional inlets and two optional outlets, one of each needs to be used. Different blocks will vary on which side is in and which is out, but this can be identified by which port’s flow path feeds into the ramp up to the jet plate over the fins.
  • Where are the instructions for (item)?

    Most items we have instructions for will have them on our product listing, either in the description or in the product image gallery. If they are not found there, contact support and we’ll try to hook you up.
  • Why is my CPU or GPU temperature so high?

    There are a wide variety of potential reasons for this. Here are some of the most common ones: Lack of mounting pressure (CPU, GPU) Incorrect installation of thermal pads (GPU) Cold plate sticker not removed (CPU) Low coolant or air flow in system (CPU, GPU) Components running at abnormally high...